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Nomination can be done by anyone, but we also have a qualified nomination committee consisting of professionals with their ear to the ground.


The White Reindeer Award is awarded for significant contributions in any area of creativity where focus is on imaginative worlds and parallel universes like those that that Fredrik has had a passion for during his whole life.

In highlighting the business side of this we seek to find those that successfully make use of these worlds and build bridges between different sides of the industry.

The creative industry in the Nordics if fantastic so for now we limit the prize to individuals from Norway, Sweden and Finland. You can find the list of the Nomination Committee here.

-The nomination opens early 2020-

May 20, 2020


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The jury consists of one woman and man from each country and Fredrik Malmberg himself. Everyone in the jury are seniors from creative industry related to the White Reindeer Award. 



The prize is given away during a gala dinner in conjunction with Nordsken - a fantastical festival in the north of Sweden.




The White Reindeer Award was founded 2018 by Fredrik Malmberg, one of the founding fathers to Swedish games industry. Fredrik Malmberg's career started in 1976 when he, as a fourteen-year-old in Kisa, began importing war games in English to sell them at game convention and by mail order under the name Wellington Wargames. In the same year, he released his first self-designed game, "Fight for Tobruk", in English.

Fredrik spent a year in the United States and learned to know many of the major iconic persons in the games industry such as Gygax (TSR), Stafford (Chaosium), Weisman (FASA), Fenlon (ICE) and Shaw (Avalon Hill). He was also part of the game test group for the first releases of Call of Cthulhu and Stormbringer. Once back in Sweden, inspired by the experience of the United States, Fredrik and the comrades of Target Games released Drakar och Demoner in 1982. Target Games became the hub of what led Fredriks led to a pioneering development of the game culture in Sweden. The company ran game stores and mail order under the name Tradition, released fantasy pockets, solo adventures and role-playing games under the brand Äventyrsspel, as well as family games under the name Casper. Worlds like Mutant, Mutant Chronicles and Cult are all coming from Target Games, and in recent years they have gained a lot of renewed interest with a number of licensees and products.


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